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New-age art infused with 3D visuals

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     Zac has worked at Jim Henson's studioMichael Jackson's house, worked with Oneness and Tutto Media, and consules for numerous people.  In the begining of the new year Zac colaborated with Spekrfreks Productions and opened up a studio in the southern california area. Recently he came in contact with Dennis Moody and 2nd engineering for him on an album with some of the best musicians in the industry.

Name: Zachary Gallus

Age: 27

Profession: Sound Engineer, Sound Design, Concert/Show  Mixing, DJ, saxaphone..

DJ style: House, Funky House, Breaks.

Demo's: 2

Influences: Mom & Dad, Chico, Bill, Jenny, Sarah, Giovanna, Leila, Dennis, Faith, Aunt Burgie, Kirsten, Matt, John, Gorilaz, Tupac, Biggi Smalls, E-40, No Doubt, Cake, Dj Dan, Dounald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill, Biojk, Moda Modeski & Wood, B.T., Tricky, to name a few.

Best known for: Everyone's friend & a proffesional attitude.


Growing Up
Zac grew up in Vacaville Ca,. His favorite places to go when he was young was SanFrancisco, Sacramento. The town he lived in was small and therefore there was not much to do. On any given sunday you could find him at sundays in the park in S.F. He has been to hundres of clubs in the surounding area which has helped shape his attitude on music and the dance culture. Listening from anything to jazz to techno(all genre's) to rock to hip hop Zac has seen the club seen grow, die down, and then make a come back only to die back down again. From these experiences you can start to see why he is so knowlegable in music. "The radio is deffinately a big part of what makes a song a hit, but if it is'nt making people dance at the club, who cares! The club is the perfect place to truely test what will be the next big hit." Zac has always been involved in music somehow since he discovered it for him self when he was 8 yrs old. "Bobby Brown was the first record I ever bought, I used to sit up late at night dreaming of performing on stage infront of a big crowd." When Zac was in 6th grade he took up clarinet, and from there got into saxaphone. He played the sax until he got into his sophmore year in high school. "When hip hop hit the seen, my outlook changed." Zac was always the quiet one in high school, but outside of school he was unstoppable. "I'd go to a club, walk past the line right up to the front and get in for free. There would be people from school in line that all of a sudden wanted to be my friend. It's to bad for them I am good with faces becuase in school they did'nt want anything to do with me." Zac was one of the first people in the sacramento area to bring rave style dancing to the club seen."No one else was doing it, they all laughed at me, two months later, it was like 'hey teach us that move again'."   


Looking Through

What a job!

"Having fun in life is the best form of relaxation you could possibly be doing."-Zac

 Zac's talent comes from

11 yrs: Dancing: urban, hip hop, freestyle, poping

 6 yrs: DJing

 3 yrs: Scouting

 3 yr:  Promoting

 9 yrs: Sales

10 yrs: Staying up on new trends in the music culture

 7 yrs:  Sound Engineering 

For upcoming events, gigs, parties, or to collaborate please drop Zac a line.